I was a lawyer in the U.S. Senate. My apologies. That was long ago, however, and since leaving the law for advertising,
I have never looked back. I have occasionally had nightmares, but that does not count.

Creating both 'traditional' and 'non-traditional' work, and having run a creative department, a group, and individual accounts, one thing continues to hold true-great work comes down to a core concept. Discovering and executing
off of a smart, simple idea is what I have built my work and career around.

With clients funneling ever-increasing resources towards 'non-traditional,' understanding the distinct processes and effectively executing interactive experiences has proven invaluable. Hopefully in time 'traditional' and 'non traditional'
will not be an either or proposition for creatives. Executing both is more exciting and effective. And again, a strong idea must be at the center of either.

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